A potential assembly: politic, aesthetic, clinical. Images to think

  • Ana Hounie Universidad Complutense Madrid
Keywords: Borromean knot, subjectivation, aesthetics, clinic, politics


The essay deals with the theme of the Borromean knot between aesthetics, clinic, and politics and how this gives rise to practices of subjectivation that are ways of distributing the perceivable, the singularity and the common. The figure of the knot represents the movement between “close” elements, which, thanks to their flexibility, allow continuous transformations. There are no relationships of order or hierarchy between them, but a heterogeneity that does not allow any totalization. Due to the irreducibility of these elements, rather than the absolute dominance of one element over the other, the tensions are distributed very differently within the economy of the node. There are no sequential terms, that is, there are no pre-existing elements to which properties and reciprocal relations are externally added, but rather as Ranciére states something in art is always political and something of the political is always aesthetic.