Giacomo Devoto’s Circolo Linguistico Fiorentino: on the history of a «linguistic salon».

  • Marco Maurizi Università di Roma «La Sapienza»


Among the linguistic societies of the XXth century, Giacomo Devoto’s Circolo Linguistico Fiorentino represents one of the most longeval, rich, and peculiar institutions of its kind. Based on the fundamental values of dialogue, mutual tolerance, and cultural liberalism, from 1945 onwards it would have gathered national and international scholars between the most influential of their time, pursuing its activities up to the present day. This paper aims to reconstruct the history of this institution, tracing it back from the original idea proposed by Carlo Alberto Mastrelli, and to analyze its fundamental dynamics and cultural heritage, considering oral testimonies and unpublished documents from a particular session held by Tullio De Mauro in 1963.