The Methodology of Analytic Jurisprudence

  • Pierluigi Chiassoni Tarello Institute for Legal Philosophy, University of Genoa
Keywords: Jurisprudence, Analytic Jurisprudence, Methdology of Analytic Investigation, Conceptual Analysis, Concept of Law


The paper purports to provide a tentative introduction to the methodology of analytic jurisprudence. Section 1 puts to the fore ten basic principles of the analytic approach. Section 2 draws the charter of analytic jurisprudence, distinguishing an expository and a normative variety thereof. Section 3 draws up a bird-eye survey of some of the main tools the mastery of which fares as a necessary condition for fruitful analytic enquiries upon the law. Section 4 outlines a variety of analytic conceptual analysis as a response to some recent skepticism. Section 5, finally, strikes
a blow in favour of analytic legal philosophy against a variety of (allegedly) truly “philosophical” jurisprudence, by way of a comparative argument concerning their respective dealing with the “concept of law” issue.